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70% of men are suffering from male pattern baldness. This is tough for many men, a full head of hair is associated with courage, virility, youth, and strength. Androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness is responsible for the greater part of hair loss in men and usually characterized with a receding hair line and thinning crown.  This typically progresses to significant baldness throughout the entire top of the scalp leaving a horseshoe pattern of hair remaining in the more advanced stages of male pattern baldness.


A little more than thirty years ago, I walked into a hair salon and met Tracy DeFreitas. I had no way of knowing at that moment how much my life would be changed by this person.  I was initially skeptical, nervous, and admittedly embarrassed about hair replacement options.  Tracy immediately eliminated those concerns through her absolute professionalism and winning personality. During subsequent years, and with the continuing support of my wife and Tracy, I have gained a confidence and a competence level that I would not have reached had I not met Tracy.


Each client is given full attention in a private area.  Tracy works to find the best look for each individual.  She explains fully the importance of proper fit, color, and length for each unit.  Her personality and expertise put the client at ease about his or her appearance. Tracy not only works with men who have lost or are losing their hair, she also works with cancer patients or others losing their hair due to medical reasons.  She is caring and patient with everyone.


If you are tired of being self-conscious about hair loss and want to re-energize your appearance and personality, I urge you to make an appointment with Tracy DeFreitas. You WILL feel better about yourself and that leads to all kinds of good things in your life!





  • Illness – Serious diseases can cause temporary or permanent hair loss.
  • Reaction to certain medication – The most common is medication for treating cancer.
  • Stress – Stress and anxiety can inhibit androgen production which will shrink the hair follicle and cause thinning.
  • Heredity – most hair loss in men can be attributed to heredity.  Sufferers of male pattern baldness have inherited a genetic aversion to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).  These hair follicles that are affected by DHT begin to shrink.  In time, these follicles stop producing hair.


I have been a client of Tracy at Man’s World for close to 2 years now.  I live in Hopkinsville and when my barber passed away I was recommended by a good friend to try Man’s World.  I find the quality of hair the cut and the service I receive to be excellent.  I don’t mind driving well over an hour from Hoptown to visit Tracy in Paducah and am proud to endorse her shop.





This is a highly natural graft technology for men suffering from hair loss.  It is entirely made of human hair and looks and feels just like your own hair. The exceptional implantation techniques make it appear as if each separate hair is rooted in the scalp as natural hair growth does.

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