About Us

Tracy Defreitas, owner of MW Hair Studio, began her journey at 19 when, fueled by her desire to help people with hair loss, she made the decision to withdraw from college and become a barber. Since then she has traveled all over the United States and China expanding her knowledge of the different avenues people can take to resolve their hair loss problems. Tracy has been in the hair replacement business for 36 years training and working in Denver Colorado, training at the HR Centers in Lexington and Louisville, training in New York and attending numerous other seminars and trainings across the United States.

Tracy has a supreme passion for helping people regain their confidence, “I watched a little girl change from a shy, introvert with failing grades to a cheerleader, straight A student, and valedictorian of her class.  She totally blossomed when her hair loss issue was resolved.”  Tracy knows that clients perceive themselves differently than she does, so she must listen, learn and study that person.  She puts herself in each and every client’s shoes.  Being able to take on their hurt and pain helps her give each client the service they need.

“I absolutely love my work.  My clients are like my family.  They have taught me so much about life.  I am told how I have changed their life when they have truly changed mine. My life has been totally blessed.”

Tracy works with clients with natural hair loss and those with hair loss caused by medical treatment.  When a client is going through medical treatment they have tremendous fear. She tries to calm that fear by picking out the perfect wig or cranial prosthesis for that client. When looking at the big picture, hair loss is just a small issue.  Tracy’s philosophy is to take the hair loss burden from her clients so that they can focus on the big things like getting well and beating the sickness. Looking her best can give a client the strength for the big stuff.

I can’t say enough about Tracy! She has cut my hair for years and been my monthly counseling session! When it came time that I could no longer do the “comb-over” to cover my scalp showing through ever thinning hair, she saved me once again. She got me fixed up with a beautiful hair unit. Everyone just thinks I colored my hair darker. Nobody can tell it is not mine! I have had so many compliments on my hair! I love it and I love Tracy! Thank you for giving me my confidence back! You are the greatest! -JW